About Me

I started reading YA books (as an adult) about a decade ago.  My tastes are a bit peculiar. I tend to like books about relationships and love and coming of age, and that generally translates to books for teen girls. I think that is rather unfortunate that boys won't touch these books, but I guess I wouldn't have read them when I was a teen boy either (even though I was writing stuff like that back then).

Anyway, after several years of reading, I decided to start writing reviews of the books I was reading, mostly to keep track of what I read and liked.  I'm not a librarian or a professional book reviewer (although I am a published non-fiction non-YA writer).  As a rule, I rarely agree with the consensus about a particular book (my favorite books tend to be all over the place, while I rarely have much good to say about Newbery and Printz winners).  I like to think that is a Good Thing.  If all I did was write nice things about popular (or critically-acclaimed) books, what would be the point in reading this BLOG?